The Tao of Pooh: refresher book

I purchased a small, easy to read philosophy book recently. It is titled ‘The Tao of Pooh’. Tao philosophy is an area that I have never studied before and though something written so enjoyably would be a great way to get back into philosophy.


Here is a link to the book in Amazon:

 The premise of the book is simple; the writer applies Tao philosphy to Tales of Winnie the Pooh and explains how Pooh bear embodies Tao ideals. He explains that this is why he is the most successful of the characters in terms of daily achievements. Pooh bear is not afraid or trying to impress anyone or be a certain way for any reason; he is just Pooh bear and that is all it takes.The writer Benjamin Hoff does an excellent job of simplifying Taoism in an easy tounderstand book. It’s charming as well as he has Pooh and friends as characters talk to him in the book. I would definately recommend this book if Taosim is a new idea to you and you’d like a simple book to begin with or if you are just a fan of Winnie of Pooh.



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